Cenex Total Protection Plan® Refresh Now in Effect

Effective September 3, 2019, a refreshed version of both New Equipment and Used Equipment applications, plus enhanced brochures, sales tools and Welcome Kit materials, went live across the Cenex® network. Mailings containing the new applications and brochures were sent to all CHS dealers, CESs and local coop sales teams. These tools are also now available on Cenex.com and CenexShop.com.

So, what changed?

  • The New and Used Equipment warranty plans have increased to $799 to remain aligned with changing market dynamics including increasing costs of equipment repairs. Producers will still receive $200 in Cenex product rebates once their warranty is activated.
  • The New and Used Equipment warranty offers coverage on eligible equipment with 50 horsepower or higher. Eligible agricultural equipment includes tractors, telescopic handlers, combines and harvesters. The New Equipment plan also includes irrigation engines, sprayers and select forestry equipment.
  • To stay competitive in our ever-changing industry, the New Equipment warranty will alter coverage timeframes based on the producer’s decision to use synthetic or conventional Cenex lubricants product.
  • Additional terms were applied to the Transfer of Warranty and Limitation of Remedies sections of both the New and Used Equipment warranty plans.

What’s staying the same?

The same unsurpassed coverage that producers have come to expect from the Cenex Total Protection Plan continues to be the foundation of this program. Plus, the peace of mind that comes with using only the highest quality Cenex premium diesel fuel and lubricants remains a constant.

Cenex dealers and sales teams should only use refreshed materials.

As a reminder, please throw out any old applications and brochures and start using the materials you were mailed. The refreshed materials will have pre-printed, static characters to start the warranty number on the applications – either TPP20N or TPP20U. This way, old and new applications can be easily identified.*

Please contact your District Manager to request training materials and to address any questions or concerns. We appreciate your support and hard work in making this transition a success.

*Current warranty holders on the older terms will be grandfathered into their existing agreements.

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