Cenex® Premium Diesel Offerings

Diesel engine problems occur for all sorts of different reasons, easy problems you can prevent are complications that occur when using a typical #2 diesel fuel. Typical #2 diesel fuel can leave deposits, gum and varnishes in the fuel system which can result in poor performance and shortening the life of the fuel pump and injectors. When you use Cenex® Premium Diesel Fuels, it will:

  • Lower maintenance costs and reduce downtime
  • Deliver improved fuel efficiency
  • Maximize horsepower and promote quicker, more reliable starts
  • Extend the life of fuel pumps and injectors

Cenex premium diesel fuels are designed for both on-road and off-road use; Cenex Roadmaster XL® is designed for on-road use while Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® is designed for off-road use only and is dyed red for tax identification purposes.

No other premium diesel fuel on the market has a more complete and balanced additive package for a more complete burn. Every gallon of Cenex Premium Diesel fuel contains a tailored blend of seven additives that are terminally injected to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance. Cenex Premium Diesel fuel provides a more complete burn to keep fuel and exhaust systems clean, increasing power and efficiency with less repairs or down time.

Contact your local Cenex representative with any questions.

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