Cenex® Gift Cards for Gallons Fulfillment Delays

At the start of FY21, CHS Lubricants Marketing began working with a new vendor to fulfill our various gift card programs. As the new vendor works through a steep learning curve, end-user customers may experience delays in receiving gift cards during this initial round of Gift Cards for Gallons.

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Bulk Fuel Storage Reminders

One important thing to remind your customers to do during planting prep is to have them remember to clean out dirt and other debris that has accumulated in their fuel tanks.  Debris can be pumped into equipment where it will cause build-up that leads to less-than-optimal performance and eventually can require expensive repairs. To reduce the risk, best practices call for fully cleaning out fuel tanks at least once per year and switching out filters each quarter.

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Refresh your Fleet with New Cenex® Branded Decals and Receive Up to $8,000

The Cenex® brand is powered by the local communities we call home. From convenience stores to distribution vehicles and storage tanks, all assets that display the Cenex brand are an opportunity to increase brand awareness in your local community. Bulk distribution vehicles are an excellent way to advertise and keeping decals in tip-top shape shows your customers that you care about business and in return, care about them.

That’s why, from now through December 31, 2021, CHS Energy is offering eligible dealers up to $8,000* to offset the cost to install new Cenex decals on bulk fuel or lubricant vehicles.

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Hometown Pride Winners – FY21 Q2

Five more communities were selected to each receive a $5,000 grant as part of Cenex Hometown Pride initiative. Now in its third year, Hometown Pride honors a unique aspect (e.g. landmarks, traditions, events) in a community where the Cenex brand is present. The Q2 winners are as follows:

  • Tiffiny’s Tipton Bakery in Tipton, IA
    submitted by Cedar County Coop in Tipton, IA
  • Holstein State Theater in Holstein, IA
    submitted by First Coop Association in Holstein, IA
  • Old Time Fiddlers’ Contest in Weiser, ID
    submitted by Farmers Supply Cooperative in Weiser, ID
  • Heart of the City Playground in Danube, MN
    submitted by Farmers Coop Oil Co in Renville, MN
  • World’s Largest Crow in Belgrade, MN
    submitted by Belgrade Cooperative in Belgrade, MN

Read more about Hometown Pride winners.

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Reminder: Cenex® Premium Diesel Product Training

Cenex® premium diesel product training modules are available on CenexRefinedThinking.com.

All accounts with a Branded Petroleum Distributor Agreement (BPDA) featuring a line of business 1 or 2 will need to take and pass the online Advanced Premium Diesel course to become a certified Cenex® premium diesel distributor. Certified Cenex premium diesel distributors have access to premium diesel Ad Share funds and will be featured as a branded distributor on Cenex.com/locations.

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Spring 2021 CHS Energy Virtual Roadshow Available On Demand

The Spring 2021 CHS Energy Virtual Roadshow is now available to watch on demand. Earlier this month, CHS Energy hosted 9 virtual educational sessions, which covered a variety of business solutions CHS provides to support customers in growing their energy business. Hear from CHS Hedging, Propane, Propane-Powered, Transportation, Lubricants, AquaFighter, GPI, Refined Fuels, Propane Safety and Energy Equipment.

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