Enroll a Customer’s Equipment Online and You Could Win Big!

Until April 30, 2021, eligible* Cenex® sales representatives who enroll a customer’s equipment online in the Cenex Total Protection Plan® warranty program will receive a Cenex Lubricants hat (one hat per salesperson for the duration of the promotional period).

Plus, each time you sign up a customer online, you will be entered into a monthly drawing for a chance to win one of two $100 VISA® gift cards. Gift card drawings will occur on the last day of each month of the promotional period.**

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The Next Round of Cenex® Hometown Pride Community Grant Winners Announced

The Cenex® Hometown Pride initiative is just one of the many ways the Cenex brand demonstrates its commitment to supporting the local communities our customers call home. Since the initiative launched three years ago, over 40 hometowns have received grant money to celebrate their unique traditions and help improve their communities. 

Now, five more hometowns have been selected to each receive this $5,000 grant. Winners are chosen from submissions by local Cenex retailers, dealers and distributors. The Q1, fiscal year 2021, winners are as follows:

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Promoting Cenex® Premium Diesel Fuels

Utilize Cenex® Ad Share funds to offset your premium diesel advertising expenses. Before we know it, the 2021 fiscal year will draw to a close and your Ad Share funds will expire – all expenses must be invoiced by August 31, 2021 in order to qualify.

Cenex Shop, cenexshop.com, is a dynamic, online tool that allows you to create professional advertising materials to promote Cenex® products. Cenex Shop houses a full assortment of ready-made, customizable templates for a wide range of outreach methods – print, radio, signage, billboards and direct mail pieces to fit your unique needs.

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Subscribe to the Cenex® YouTube Channel

Looking for dynamic video content to share with your customers? Visit the Cenex YouTube channel to check out the latest product videos, interviews with experts and humorous commercials to keep your customers engaged and educated on the benefits and value of the Cenex brand. CHS Energy has developed a variety of new videos, including:

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Cenex® Premium Diesel Offerings

Diesel engine problems occur for all sorts of different reasons, easy problems you can prevent are complications that occur when using a typical #2 diesel fuel. Typical #2 diesel fuel can leave deposits, gum and varnishes in the fuel system which can result in poor performance and shortening the life of the fuel pump and injectors. When you use Cenex® Premium Diesel Fuels, it will:

  • Lower maintenance costs and reduce downtime
  • Deliver improved fuel efficiency
  • Maximize horsepower and promote quicker, more reliable starts
  • Extend the life of fuel pumps and injectors
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