Cenex® Lubricants Price Increase Relief Credit
Ends June 22

Per previous announcements, CHS Lubricants initiated a price increase on Cenex® branded lubricant products shipped on or after May 24, 2021.

The recent increase amounts to:

  • An additional $.95 per gallon on a majority of finished bulk product
  • An increase of $1.25 per gallon on all 30-gallon drum SKUs
  • An increase of $.40 per gallon on all chain bar oils and solvents

Additionally, due to the continued supply constrictions across the industry, the base price on all empty thirty-gallon drums increased to $49.50 per drum. Fifty-five-gallon drum pricing remains steady at $40.50 per drum.

Similar to previous increases, CHS Lubricants has issued a Price Increase Relief Credit (PIRC), in order to minimize the impact of the increase. The PIRC provides a pre-increase price on lubricant orders for 15% more than your past fiscal year average monthly wholesale purchases.

The PIRC is in place from now through June 22, 2021 and will not be extended. To streamline the credit process, the PIRC will be automatically applied to your CHS account, reducing the cost of your future purchases. The amount will appear at the bottom of your invoice on a per gallon basis, until the credit amount is fully used.

For questions regarding this increase or your PIRC allocation, please contact your district manager.

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