Cenex® Refined Thinking Product Training

Don’t forget to take Cenex® product training on CenexRefinedThinking.com before August 31. Log in to complete the full line of product training for Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels and Lubricants, as well as Cenex Retail training modules.

The full lineup of training courses includes:

Advanced Premium Diesel* – Gain the knowledge you need to effectively answer questions and talk about Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels; this course also includes Cenex Total Protection Plan® attributes and selling tips

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils – This course is intended to provide a well-rounded overview of the functions of diesel engines, characteristics of diesel engine oils and the competitive difference of the Cenex® branded products Maxtron®Enviro-EDGE®, Maxtron® DEO and Superlube TMS®

Essentials of Tractor Hydraulic Fluids – Learn the basic essential information on THFs and dive into the specifications and benefits of the Cenex THF product line-up: Maxtron® THF+, Qwiklift® HTB® and Cenex STOU Fluid

Guide to Grease – An impactful video course that covers detailed information on the structures and compatibility of different greases

Cenex Total Protection Plan® & LubeScan® – Updated to reflect the June 2017 program enhancements, discover the warranty and oil analysis processes in depth to deliver a deeper understanding of how these programs are executed and their growing importance to Cenex lubricant and fuel end-users

Lubricants 101 – Learn about the building blocks of a lubricant along with key measurements to gauge a fluid’s performance

Lubricants 201 – Gain a deeper understanding on the differences between specific lubricants products, plus how they are monitored by the industry

Fuel Tank Maintenance – Help protect customers’ valuable equipment by getting up-to-speed on proper tank maintenance procedures

Winter Fuels – Learn how to prevent cold-weather fuel issues and ensure reliable performance during the winter season

Basic Petroleum Training – Learn about the many advantages of using Cenex branded fuels – with an emphasis on Cenex Roadmaster XL® and Ruby Fieldmaster® Premium Diesel Fuels

Contact your Cenex District Manager if you have any questions about Cenex Refined Thinking or to inquire about other Cenex training materials.

*To maintain your Cenex Certified Premium Diesel Distributor status, you will need to take and pass the Advanced Premium Diesel course by August 31, 2020. Being a Certified Dealer brings multiple benefits to you, including access to Cenex Premium Diesel Ad Share funds.

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