Fuel Sampling 101

Following proper sampling procedures will not only make it an easier process for everyone involved but it will help expedite your test reports as well. When submitting a fuel sample, it is important that all required documentation is filled out completely and accurately to avoid any delays – samples that lack necessary information or have illegible writing will be discarded.

In addition, it is important to:

  • Use only CHS Test Kits, failure to use this kit will result in rejection of the sample
  • Fill sample bottle to the shoulder to ensure there is enough fuel for all tests
  • Ship samples via FedEx Ground, never send via U.S. Mail
  • Refer to this additional info when submitting fuel samples

Proper Fuel Sample Procedures:

  1. Ensure sample kit is unopened and container is clean and dry
  2. Rinse bottle with clean fuel to remove any contaminants
  3. Fill out the Information Sheet completely, accurately and legibly
  4. Check that the correct product is being sampled and ensure proper precautions are being followed
  5. Obtain sample of fuel ensuring there is more than 24 oz.
  6. Seal sample container with lid ensuring a tight seal
  7. Wrap container in fuel pad and place in zip lock bag, seal closed
  8. Place completed Information Sheet and sample into shipping box
  9. Place shipping label on box and don’t forget to fill out your return address

Once fuel samples are received, the testing process is typically completed in 72 hours and test results will be sent directly to the email address that was provided. If you have any questions on this process or on a particular sample, contact CHS Technical Services at 1-800-852-8186 ext. 2480.

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