Now Live! Cenex Total Protection Plan® Online Application & Payment

Protecting your customers’ equipment investments just got easier! The Cenex Total Protection Plan® is now available online at, offering your customers easy application and payment access to enroll their New or Used equipment in the best warranty in agriculture.

To apply and pay for the Cenex Total Protection Plan online at users should follow the “Enroll Equipment Online” button on the program’s page. Click here to check out the process and start an application!

Applicants will discover new features including:

  • Convenient online applications for both New and Used Equipment plans that can be accessed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Secure credit card payment capabilities
  • Opportunity to apply for coverage on and pay for multiple pieces of equipment efficiently
  • Account creation option to store details for transaction history or future purchases
  • Receipts provided immediately upon application and approved payment so full agreement details may be referenced

Not to worry – the same unsurpassed coverage that producers have come to expect from the Cenex Total Protection Plan continues to be the foundation of this program. Plus, the peace of mind that comes with using only the highest quality Cenex premium diesel fuels and lubricants remains a primary benefit of the program. The online application and payment process were built to provide an intuitive experience that mirrors the guided paper application process.

Users are encouraged to use current browsers such as Chrome or Edge to access the site for the best experience. Plus, do not hesitate to reach out to your Cenex representative with questions or feedback as your end-users move through the site. CHS encourages you to share forward thoughts on functionality so the site can be fine-tuned in the weeks to come and strengthened over time.

Let’s work together to embrace this new path forward for the Cenex Total Protection Plan warranty program, and keep it protecting our farmers for the next 55 years.

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