The Next Round of Cenex® Hometown Pride Community Grant Winners Announced

The Cenex® Hometown Pride initiative is just one of the many ways the Cenex brand demonstrates its commitment to supporting the local communities our customers call home. Since the initiative launched three years ago, over 40 hometowns have received grant money to celebrate their unique traditions and help improve their communities. 

Now, five more hometowns have been selected to each receive this $5,000 grant. Winners are chosen from submissions by local Cenex retailers, dealers and distributors. The Q1, fiscal year 2021, winners are as follows:

Mondovi Ladies Holiday Luncheon – Submitted by Chippewa Valley Energy in Eau Claire, WI
Mondovi, WI
In 1963, a women’s volunteer group was formed and quickly became the foundation of female entrepreneurship in Mondovi. Today, the group’s main event is the Holiday Luncheon that raises essential funds for the community.

Stone Arch Bridges – Submitted by Valley Coop Inc in Winfield, KS
Cowley County, KS
Eighteen stone arch bridges, almost all over 100 years old, are found throughout Cowley County, KS. These bridges span creeks and rivers, and some have as many as four arches!

Durand Area Youth Fishing Contest – Submitted by Countryside Cooperative in Durand, WI
Durand, WI
Nestled on the picturesque Chippewa River, four days of fishing engage children in the area each summer. The skills and love of fishing are being instilled in young anglers for generations to come!

Rock Rapids Mural – Submitted by Cooperative Energy Company in Sibley, IA
Rock Rapids, IA
Over 30 murals cover the buildings of Rock Rapids, IA. From notable portraits to memorializing historical moments, these morals are a true source of pride to the community.

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox – Submitted by Bemidji Cooperative Association in Bemidji, MN
Bemidji, MN
Towering at 18 feet tall, Paul Bunyan and his sidekick Babe the Blue Ox are integrated into every part of the Bemidji community. The statues attracts visitors from far and wide to see and learn the story of the famous folklore.

Visit for more information and to submit your story for a chance to win a $5,000 grant for your local community.

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